Product Description

The California Six Best is a beautiful assortment of California’s finest wines presented in a eye catching bottle bouquet. The wine’s included in this basket allow for a well rounded taste experience. The first wine is a Chardonnay brought to you by Bogle Vineyards and boosts flavors of green apples, pear and hints of lemon meringue. The second wine is The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon which hails from the Wilson Vineyard. This Cabernet has notes of raspberries, plums and a finishes with a taste of dark blackberry and fresh coffee. Thirdly, we have included a Merlot from Blackhard Winery,this wine is soft, rich and full of ripe plum and raspberry fruit. The fourth wine is a Pinot Noir from BV Coastal Estates and features a complex bouquet of spiced plum, strawberry and toasted oak.The fifth wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Ravenswood. This Cabernet Sauvignon displays fine, soft tannins and subtle oak which contribute to a well-balanced roundness, and the finish lingers considerably longer than you might expect. Lastly, a Merlot by Red Diamond that opens with a beautifully knit blackberry, cherry and spice scented nose with a toasty oak background. The Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack serves as both a storage device and a dazzling centerpiece, creating a floral-like arrangement of your bottles of wine. Easily stores 6 bottles facing either up, for legibility purposes, or down, to keep the corks wet. Comes pre-assembled.


California’s Six Best Features 6 of California’s Best Wines.


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